Faces Model Agency is headed by Ms. Susan. M. Dalton, a former Catwalk Model who came to learn the industry of Event Production and Casting of Models for all advertisers and promotional companies. It is one of the pioneer Modeling Agencies in the Philippines. FACES started way back in the year 1983. To mention Talents who became famous stars: Edu Manzano of Nescafe Commercial. Chin Chin Gutierrez of Creamsilk Shampoo/Conditioner, Beth Tamayo of Greencross Alcohol, Claudia Luz of Close Up Toothpaste, Angela Luz of "Bilmoko Girl" San Miguel Beer, Dominic Ochoa or Astring-O-Sol and more.

Susan Dalton continues to discover new faces. Her Agency has made it big in the industry because of her models who have made it to the top and have become SUPERSTARS. It was a very big challenge for Miss Dalton when other modeling agencies have put up similar casting agencies. It has been tremendously competitive for her but it did not stop her from moving forward. She grew stronger and better, so did FACES. She took it just like a bunch of beautiful people acting and trying out, competing with each other to achieve one very good product commercial.

Now, Miss Dalton is the Internal Vice President of (TAO) Talent Agents Organization, a group consisting of almost 50 members of Talent/Modeling Agencies in the Philippines, whose sole purpose is to professionalize talent supplying in the Advertising Industry through governing rules and regulations and for Models to be "EXCLUSIVE" only to one Talent/Model Agency.

Faces Direction And Vision

Towards Clients And Advertising Agencies

To supply the demand of best trained and professional Models in the field of advertising requirements.

Towards Talents/Models

The New comers shall be trained to be good followers, develop its loyalty to their Mother agency and to become successful leaders as Top Models in the Advertising Industry. The chain that connects the Client, Advertising Agency and Talent/Model is only the Modeling Agency. The Talent Managers are the important part of a successful product development.

The Faces Models

FACES Models have determination. One cannot just be a model because of a pretty face. One should carry him/herself with a three-punch package that FACES calls the "IAA."


FACES Talents have the "IT" dynamic that differentiates them from the pack. This does not necessarily mean a pretty face but the features that catch attention.


It is very important for the model to be available on every casting call. "A model on time gets the gold ahead of the others."


FACES Talents know how to act. Good projection on the camera and onscreen is a must. The talent should know what kind of character he/she will portray.


Faces Direction And Vision

Styling And Writing

This department has been servicing clients since 2005 such as Natasha, Avon, Landco, SM, and the Bench group of brands.

From billboards to catalogues, newspaper and magazine editorials, and press releases, Faces is adept and equipped to handle any styling and writing requirements.

Styling for clothing brand F&X (2011)


Styling for clothing brand F&X (2011)


Styling for Angel Jacob for Northern Living magazine (September 2009)


Styling for Shawn Yao for Mega magazine (2008)


Writing for Blush magazine (2011)


Writing for Blush magazine (2011)


Styling for Chanel Thomas for Mega magazine (2008)


Styling for Shaina Magdayao for Happy magazine (2010)


Writing for Northern Living magazine (August 2009)


Writing for Northern Living magazine (September 2009)


Writing for Blush magazine (2011)





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